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2023 / English

The Menu (2023)

How Late-Stage Capitalism Killed the Chef in The Menu Do you ever feel guilty about eating food at an expensive five-star hotel or fine dining restaurant? If not, you will after you watch chef Slowik (an intensely terrifying Ralph Fiennes) serve you a five-course meal in The Menu. Celebrity chef Julian Slowik invites a group … Continue reading

2022 / Kannada

Kantara (2022)

Kantara, Bhuta Kola, and the Collective Unconscious “Wait!”, warned my better half, “fold your hands before the Kshetrapala before you enter the divine precincts of our Daiva.” I complied, yet protested: “What for, it’s just a stone?” “It is He who protects this forest. Without His permission even the winds dare not pass,” she replied. … Continue reading