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Joji (2021)

What Motivates This Macbeth? Warning: Extreme Spoilers Ahead. Yes, we all know Fahadh Faasil’s eyes speak volumes. Even in a state of paralysis he acts with nothing but his eyes. Joji, interestingly, is more about Joji, the character, and not just yet another feather in Fahad Faasil’s acting cap. What immediately grasps you when watching … Continue reading


My Favorite Films of 2019

I know I’m a bit late. But, better late than never. Let’s bid farewell to the noughties (2010-2019) and welcome the twenty-twenties (2020s) with my personal favorite movies of 2019. I’ve based this list on a combination of factors like popularity, filmmaking, style, substance, direction, music, and storytelling. But most importantly, this is my personal … Continue reading