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2016 / English / Movie Review

The Invitation (2016)

The Invitation I Wish I Had Declined One of the characters in The Invitation says to the other: “Until you stop making a joke out of everything, you’ll never learn a thing and nobody will care about what you think” The Invitation could have done with its own advice and not succumbed to being pretentious. … Continue reading

2014 / English / Movie Review / Short Take

Fleeting Thoughts on Chef, Lucy, Neeson, Blue Ruin and Rover

Jon Favreau’s Chef did the impossible. It pulled me out of hibernation. Much like the movie’s premise to do your own thing, and to do what you do best, Chef worked for me at the meta level and gently nudged me to re-start writing about movies. So, DUN…DUN…DUN…presenting the resurrection of Prakash J with four … Continue reading