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Cinema InFlux (2012-13)

Much like the current Indian fiscal year that started in 2012 and ends in 2013, my cinematic fiscal (assuming cinema viewing generates blissful revenue that feeds the soul) started in 2012 and continues to have its run in 2013. Huge credit for it goes to 2012 year-end Hollywood releases that are yet to see the … Continue reading

2010 / 2011 / English / Movie Review / Short Take

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010)

I Met a Short Frail Strange Woody Allen On a lazy Sunday afternoon your grey cells are hibernating and all you do is stare into infinity, dream about dreams that always remain dreams, and the sweet pleasure that dissatisfaction brings. A perfect day to indulge in some strange, unpredictable (or maybe predictable, depends on how … Continue reading