2011 / English / Movie Review

Drive (2011)

Shhhhh! Driving In-progress “…Don’t worry. Don’t worry. That’s it. It’s done. There is no pain, it’s over. It’s over.” What did you picture when you read that dialogue? Depending on how you think and visualise, if you haven’t seen or heard anything about Drive, you’ll conjure images of a doctor or nurse attending a patient, … Continue reading

2010 / English / Movie Review

Inception (2010)

Beware! Before You Dream Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. -Carl Jung Not so often, I dream of dreaming. With rapid eye movement for company in the wee hours of morning, my subconscious manifests dreams within dreams — some conscious, others not so. Most, I forget. One ‘dream’ I’ll never forget is Christopher … Continue reading