2023 / English

The Menu (2023)

How Late-Stage Capitalism Killed the Chef in The Menu Do you ever feel guilty about eating food at an expensive five-star hotel or fine dining restaurant? If not, you will after you watch chef Slowik (an intensely terrifying Ralph Fiennes) serve you a five-course meal in The Menu. Celebrity chef Julian Slowik invites a group … Continue reading

2022 / Kannada

Kantara (2022)

Kantara, Bhuta Kola, and the Collective Unconscious “Wait!”, warned my better half, “fold your hands before the Kshetrapala before you enter the divine precincts of our Daiva.” I complied, yet protested: “What for, it’s just a stone?” “It is He who protects this forest. Without His permission even the winds dare not pass,” she replied. … Continue reading


Joji (2021)

What Motivates This Macbeth? Warning: Extreme Spoilers Ahead. Yes, we all know Fahadh Faasil’s eyes speak volumes. Even in a state of paralysis he acts with nothing but his eyes. Joji, interestingly, is more about Joji, the character, and not just yet another feather in Fahad Faasil’s acting cap. What immediately grasps you when watching … Continue reading